Holly offers workshops that provide social and emotional support to women choosing to go off hormonal birth control. She has tailored her workshop curriculum to fit both larger events and small groups and has shared knowledge with those that work with women (doulas, health coaches, naturopaths) about this specific transitional experience.

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Holly’s unique workshop curriculum covers the ways in which we can “unsweeten the pill” and embrace the empowering and life-changing decision of leaving hormonal birth control behind. Specifically:

  • Myth busting your birth control
  • Fertility facts and fertility fictions
  • Examing the fear of pregnancy
  • Reconnecting with your body
  • Navigating your personal relationships
  • Feminism and your birth control
  • Non-hormonal birth control options
  • Consciousness-raising discussion and story shares


Get in touch if you’d like this workshop at your conference, event, or retreat. In 2017 Holly presented a tailored workshop at SXSW, the Whiptail Retreat, and regularly at the Los Angeles’ WMN Space.

This Matters:

Breaking Up With Birth Control

Featuring Holly Grigg-Spall, Lara Briden, Nicole Jardim, + Erica Chidi Cohen

Stream the full video here. ($10/ticket and use code HEYLOOM for 10% off)

Workshop Schedule

Going Off Hormonal Birth Control: A Workshop

Holly leads regular workshops and consciousness raising circles at WMN Space. 

Next Date: February 7th

7-9:30 PM

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