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Articles/interviews relating to the book:

The Sunday Times (UK) Style magazine supplement

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Style magazine 2Style magazine

Sainsbury's magazine


Elle magazine (US) cover story: Wonder Drug

Guardian feature: Unsafe sex: Why everyone's at it

Guardian OpEd

Elle Canada: The Pill's Chill

New York Times update on documentary

Why I'll Never Take The Pill Again

Just How Safe is Yaz? Women Need to Know

The Pill: A Bittersweet Reflection

Oral contraceptives have had a broad impact but some seek alternatives to the pill

Pfizer recall newest troubling development around birth control

Obama birth control compromise distracts from issue of whether the pill is safe, activists say

Bitch magazine blog: Reproductive Writes

How the Pill Might Be Ruining Your Relationship

5 Facts About Menstrual Suppression

Yaz and Yasmin Back in the Spotlight (I write frequently for re:Cycling, just search my name)

Are We Hooked on the Pill?

No Pill? No Prob. Meet the Pullout Generation.

Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control?

Item of the Day at Hello Giggles

Female contraception. That only means the pill right?

Pill Popular with Slate's Beyerstein but Feminists Have Doubts

Controversial New Book Advises Young Women Rethink the Pill

Is the birth control pill patriarchy-compliant?

Could the pill be making us sick?

The bitter taste of hormonal birth control

Natural birth control methods are not voodoo

I Practice the Pullout Method and I'm Not Sorry

Taking risks with contraception

What the pill taught me

A Bitter Pill

Red Tent Sisters response to press

Feminism, Backlash and Sweetening the Pill


Fertility Friday

The Hormone Diva


My Feminine Mind

Vice Motherboard

For Book's Sake


Real Catholic Love and Sex

Be Fertility Aware

Canadian Women's Health Network


Plastic Doll Heads

Excerpts at:


Hormones Matter

The Love Vitamin


Rude magazine

Radio/podcast interviews:

Fertility Friday


Holy Hormones Honey!

Through the Eyes of Women

CBC The Current

Feminist Current